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Clear Green Ceramics
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MOC Mitaka
Oribe bowl and plate made by Hirohisa Ogawa : Actual color is deep green like Jade.

Clear Deep Green Ceramic like Jade
made by Hirohisa Ogawa

This site is managed by M. Ogawa, the brother of Hirohisa Ogawa.
Direct purchase of works from a famous ceramic artist is available.
Please send mails for inquiries or quotation requests.
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Please enjoy his "Oribe-Yaki" at the "Gallary".
MOC Mitaka    MOC Mitaka

MOC Mitaka MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka MOC Mitaka
Hirohisa Ogawa won Excellent Award / Education Minister's Award at Japan Ceramic Art Competition and other awards as you can see at "Profile".
MOC Mitaka
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Clear Green Ceramics like Jade.
MOC Mitaka
Made by Hirohisa Ogawa: Actual color is beautiful like Jade.
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