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MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
Export to Japan
If you have fresh Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, Shrimps or Tunas, it is easy for you
to sell them at good prices in Japan. However, when it comes to any industrial products, the story is quite different except raw materials like iron and copper.

Why ?
1) Prices need to be reasonable but pricing should not be too difficult for you.
2) Short and punctual delivery is very important.
3) Japan has many domestic reliable suppliers with very high quality products.
4) Japanese suppliers serve to their customers like to gods.
5) Japanese customers are spoiled in the good meaning by their suppliers
with their very good services.
6) You need to speak Japanese language.
English is one of the most difficult languages for Japanese people to listen and pronounce

Is it impossible for you to sell your products to Japanese customers directly ?

Yes, it is still possible.

If you have any targeted customer,
if you have contacted the customer but you are not yet successful,
if you have not found a key person at the customer, please contact us for your help !!

Please send us requesting mails for service.

The manager of this site was born in Korea as a Japanese and lived in Japan, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. The total period outside of Japan was 17 yeas and he became to notice the unique mentality of Japanese people.

* Mail to MOC Mitaka

Let us serve you to sell your Products to Japanese Customers.
Let us serve you to buy Japanese Products directly.
Japanese Language Website and Documents.
Original Illustrates for your Company.
We are handling the following Products as well as the above stated Services.
52mm(2") magnetic rotary encoders upto 2048ppr resolution.
    High accuracy signals output directly from pulse poles with no interpolation.
Clear Green Ceramics like Jade.
MOC Mitaka Made by Hirohisa Ogawa: Actual color is beautiful like Jade.
MOC Mitaka Orchid Flower: from left, Renanthera and Dendrobium
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