MOC Mitaka
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Magnetic Rotary Encoder
Website in Japanese Language
Original Illustrates
Clear Green Ceramics
Orchid as a Hobby
MOC Mitaka
Orchid Flower: from left, Encyclia, Dendrobium, Renanthera
MOC Mitaka
Orchid as a Hobby

Let us help you to go into Japanese Market.
Let us help you to buy Japanese Products.
Japan is not an easy Market but you still have chances to penetrate into it.

MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
Let us help you to sell your Products to Japanese Customers.
Let us help you to buy Japanese Products directly.
Japanese Language Website and Documents.
Original Illustrates for your Company.
We are handling Produtcs as well as the above statd Services.
Magnetic Rotary Encoders with Accurate Signals.
Clear Green Ceramics like Jade.
MOC Mitaka
Made by Hirohisa Ogawa: Actual color is beautiful like Jade.
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