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MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka
MOC Mitaka Yabusame (shooting on a running horse back at traditional Miyazaki shrine ceremony )
MOC Mitaka Site Manager

Career of Site Manager :

2020 Continued assistance to companies for their
international business developments.
Continued strong interest in Magnetic Rotary Encoders.
Added Rotasyn, the strongest resolver for very svere applications, made by
Admotec in Switzerland, as one of the handling products of MOC_Mitaka.
The present job is mostly related to motion controls both in domestic and
overersea markets.
2003 July Start up of MOC_Mitaka (International trading) in Tokyo.
Part timer to help international business of Astec Div. of Taiho Products Co., Ltd.
until March 2016. ( Magnetic Encoder, Current Sensor, Coil Assemblies, Mold Coil, etc.)
2003 June Retired Hitachi Metals Groop.
1997 Hitachi Metals Trading Co., Ltd.
Officer of International Purchasing and Sales
1995 Electronic Component Div. of HML Head Quarter
General Manager, Business Development (Magnetic Rotary Encoder)
1991 Hitachi Metals Hong Kong, Ltd.
President (Sales of Electronic comp., including computer parts and all products of HML)
1988 Magnetic Material Div. of HML Head Quarter
Sales Manager ( Encoder and computer parts)
1983 Los Angeles Sales Office of Hitachi Metals of America
V.P. responsible for the sales in Western 13 states, Los Angeles Office Manager
(Sales of all Hitachi Metals products, including Encoder and electronic components.)
1982 Hitachi Metals America, Ltd., New York, USA
International purchasing
1980 Central Purchasing Dept. of Hitachi Metals Ltd. (HML), Head Quarter
Purchasing manager (Imports, Machines and equipment for all HML factories) 2nd. Oil Shock
1975 Hitachi Metals Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf Office in Germany,
Sales manager for European market (Magnetic material, Specailty steel)
1975 Overseas Sales Dept. of HML Head Quarter, Tokyo.
(Magnetic material)
1973 Magnetic material dept. of Kumagaya Works, HML
(Production control dept., Purchasing dept.) 1st. Oil Shock
1972 Overseas Sales Dept. of HML Head Quarter, Tokyo.
(Magnetic material)
1968 Export Dept. of Osaka Sales Office, HML.
(Export sales of Specialty steel, Magnetic material, Iron & steel rolls)
1966 April Yasugi Works of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
(Process control section of specialty steel melting and processing,
Coordination between factory and export dept.)

Site Manager Personality :
International Sales and Purchasing, Export and Import shipment practices,
Several Languages, Studied Economics at University but has a strong interest
in Technical matters.

Application designing capability of Magnetic Rotary Encoders,
Utilization of Personal Computer,
Experiences in about 20 different jobs including sales and purchasing,
In addition to managements, continued practical jobs even after becoming
an officer. This is helping site manager's present jobs.

Born in Inchon of Korea as a Japanese.
In Japan, changed residences 12 times because of business,
lived in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo mainly.
Out of Japan, lived in Korea, Germany, USA and Hong Kong.
for 17 years in total.

Grew up in Kita-Kyushu City of Fukuoka pref. in Kyushu (South Japan),
from elementary school (7 year old) to University (23 year old). Therefore, the mentality
of the site manager is Kyushu-ite. Studied economics at Kyushu University.
Blood type: O

Hobby of site manager: Nursery of Orchids, Japanese Archery
The wife of site manager: Instructor of Kimono wearing class.
The daughter of the site manager: Illustrator
The brother of site manager: Pottery Artist
Examples of their works are shown on this site.

MOC Mitaka MOC Mitaka
Manager : Martin Ogawa
Address: 2-21-13, Nishikubo,
Musashino City, Tokyo,
P.C.: 180-0013, JAPAN.

Tel.: (090)-5207-9979
Fax.: (0422)-56-1330

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Let us serve you to go into Japanese Market.
Let us serve you to buy Japanese Products.
Japan is not an easy Market to go in but you still have chances to penetrate into it.

MOC Mitaka
Let us serve you to sell your Products to Japanese Customers.
Let us serve you to buy Japanese Products directly.
Japanese Language Website and Documents.
Original Illustrates for your Company.
We are handling the following Products as well as the above stated Services.
52mm(2") magnetic rotary encoders upto 2048ppr resolution.
    High accuracy signals output directly from pulse poles with no interpolation.
Clear Green Ceramics like Jade.
MOC Mitaka Made by Hirohisa Ogawa: Actual color is beautiful like Jade.
Orchid: From left, Brassavola, Dendrobium. Spirantes, Paphiopedilum
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